Cyber Security

Netorian provides SME support for all aspects of Cyber defense for both Military and Civilian environments. We have developed high performance data analytic and SIEM platforms, leveraging open source, COTS and Netorian-developed technologies. We have supported the development of commercial and DoD PKI infrastructures and implemented network-based defense and host-based defense, leading the Army’s policy development for HBSS implementation, training ASCCs and Unit S6/G6 staff on HBSS architecture, configuration, and troubleshooting. Our engineers work with traditional and leading-edge Computer and Network Defense technologies ranging from traditional and next generation IPSs and Firewalls to machine learning and streaming analytics to intelligent deep packet inspectors and network forensics.

Netorian is experienced in the worlds of Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, details of this support can be provided in an environment with proper security considerations.